i need 5 wrestling challenge » [2/5] female wrestlers | candice lerae

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New @DWWrestling Tag Team champions, @JoeyRyanOnline and @CandiceLeRae.

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Ariel: um, you got married!
Punk: yes, I did, I did
Ariel: that’s great
Punk: yeah it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done
Ariel: I was surprised because you never really seemed like the married type
Punk: I absolutely never was
Ariel: you found the right one
Punk: yeah, apparently

(Around 02:24:45 it starts)

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Jessica: So what did you see today?
Punk: I wanna talk about all that awesome movie news but the most exciting thing that happened to me is, uh, me almost purchasing Action Comics No. 1.
Jessica, Dan, Malik: Oooooh!
Dan: Making it rain!
Punk: I said almost.
Dan: …Alright.
Punk: So, pick it back up.
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